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Meet Pete!
Pete the OtterTORPEDO (PETE) - North American River Otter
ARC Admission Date: 8-6-2008
Wt: 7 lbs 8 oz - Age: Approx 14 wks.

Pete wondered up, eyes barely open, to a home on a river bank. He was without proper nutrition for an undetermined amount of time during a critical growth period. This could have resulted in Metabolic Bone Disease. Nutritional Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) is a serious disease that, without proper treatment, can result in a future of pain, deformity, severe crippling, or, all too often, early death.

Pete the OtterHis feet, nails, and webbing appeared abnormal, pale colored, and unusually thick and misshapen.

He suffered a Grand Mal Seizure with severe muscle spasms in his back and lower limbs shortly after admission to ARC, followed by temporary paralysis in his lower extremities for about 3 1/2 hours.

He also had poor coat quality and a skin infection (probably staph) on his back on admission.

Pete the OtterHe was started on a diet consisting of a slurry of Esbilac, mackerel/smelt/various whole fish/carnivore log, and puppy kibble blended into a chunky mush. A vitamin supplement (VIONATE Powder) was also given. He was fed small amounts 5 times/day.

He was given an antibiotic for the skin staff infection. (SULFAMETHOXAZOLE TRIMETHOPRIM 200mg/40 mg.)

Exercise and outside play therapy began after several days of encouraging rest.

The seizure was a single isolated incident due to sensory over stimulation, his overall poor condition, stress factors, and perhaps low blood sugar.

Pete at the VetAfter the first 3 weeks of proper diet, vitamin and exercise therapy, and exposure to normal otter surroundings and stimuli, Pete’s response and improvement was remarkable.

He is now in the normal weight range for his age group, and looks like a healthy otter cub. Response/improvement can be seen in his personality, coat quality, feet/nails, curiosity and activity level, and appetite.

Pete recently underwent a full Veterinary exam by Dr. JP Morris of Noonday Vet Center. The results of his exam were very positive. With these results in, we now have high hopes that Pete will be able to be reintroduced to wild nature in the spring.

Peter the Otter

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