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Do unto Otters as you would have them do unto you.

Care for Fawns/Deer

Because a fawn is found alone does not mean it is has been abandoned.

Mothers leave their babies in secluded areas while they step out to forage for food. UNLESS YOU SEE A DEAD MOTHER, OR THE FAWN IS IN IMMEDIATE DANGER…LEAVE THE BABY ALONE. A doe will not abandon her fawn just because a human has touched it.

If you have removed the fawn from the location it was discovered, and it has been less than 10 hours, return it ASAP to the exact spot where it was found. It is okay to check on the fawn from a distance. The doe should return to the fawn around sundown to allow the fawn to nurse.

If there is no hope of reuniting the fawn with its mother, if the fawn is injured, or shows signs of starvation/dehydration, place it is a warm, dark, quiet place, and call:

Pylar Pinkston
Furry Friendzy Animal Rescue & Wildlife Rehab, Kaufman, TX
Phone: 214-914-2535

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