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Do unto Otters as you would have them do unto you.

Care for Beavers

Contact Tanya Thibodeaux at 903-780-9264 or

Until you are able to contact Tanya Thibodeaux, a permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator who specializes in BEAVERS/RIVER OTTERS/WATER MAMMALS, you can follow these GENERAL CARE INSTRUCTIONS…

Babies younger than 5 weeks do not produce their own body heat to thermo-regulate. They need a heating pad set on the LOW setting. Place a bath towel, folded to make about a 1 to 1 1/2 inch thickness and put it on the heating pad. Now, place a box on top of the towel. Place the baby into a soft cloth such as an old flannel shirt, or old sweatshirt or sweatpants. Place the infant, nestled in the cloth, down into the box. That way, a gradual heat will come up through the layers and warm the infant, but not make him too hot. PLACE THE BOX IN A WARM QUIET PLACE. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FEED THE BABY BEAVER until you’ve spoken to Ms Thibodeaux. The digestive system of each of the species of wildlife babies is complex and individualized. COW’S MILK, WHIPPING CREAM, EVAPORATED MILK, AND HUMAN INFANT FORMULA, to list just a few, will result in severe gastric upset and diarrhea and can be DEADLY TO WILDLIFE.

Try to handle the baby otter as little as possible. Be mindful of being bitten. A frightened wild baby can BITE. This is a WILD animal. No matter how tempting, DO NOT ALLOW SMALL CHILDREN TO HOLD THE BABY.

It is illegal for a person to possess any protected, wild, furbearing mammal that is protected under Texas State law. BEAVERS are a “Protected” species.

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